If you believe in our program and you would like to see it continue to grow,

we would appreciate your support

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$65 -$200

Would cover skills clinic packages for 1 kid,  1 - 5 individual sessions, and  lots of H x B gear!

$250 Donation

Would cover 1 kid  joining one of our seasonal leagues, 1 week of summer camp or 10 skills session!

$500 Donation

Would cover 2 kids for leagues, 2 summer camps, 2 months of skills clinics,  a whole new wardrobe in H x B Gear!

$1000 Donation

Would cover 1 kid's spring/summer travel basketball season, 1 Gold Baller's Package,  5 weeks of summer camp or 5 kids for 1 week of summer camp, 12 weeks of skills clinics for 1 kid or 12 kids getting 1 week of clinics!


Would Cover LOTS of stuff and help LOTS of kids!

All Donors will receive an H x B Gear Item(s) Of their Choice.

Donate to Handles x Buckets

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Your donation will allow a young student to have UCLA game experience: game ticket, t-shirt, snacks, meet and greet with the team! We are very passionate about giving back to the community.  Every child should have the opportunity to be on a college campus and arguably, there is not one better than UCLA. Not 

only will they be on campus but they will be attending a major sporting event. Many of the kids that attend aspire to pursue all different professions when they get older. We want them to know the sky is the limit. Your donation makes that possible! Thank you in advance! 

Donate to the Tyger's Den