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Travel Ball FAQ and Registration for Tryouts Below

Handles x Buckets in a short period of time, has become one of the fastest growing and competitive teams in the country.  We do this without compromising our training first development philosophy. Our reputation in the community is top notch as we train and play the right way. If you are interested in playing competitive travel basketball this spring/summer, we have teams for all skills levels. 

Handles x Buckets Supreme (National)

The Supreme Team is our elite Travel Team. The more experienced and talented players will be selected for this team. One of the goals for this group is to receive elite level training consistently and predominately travel outside of the state to play against the best competition in the country. The other goal for this group is exposure. We want to go to high level events and get some of our high talent players noticed on the national youth basketball scene.

7th and 8th grade boys Supreme Team will participate in the NXT Pro Puma Circuit along with our top high school teams.  

Handles x Buckets Blue (Regional)

The Blue Team is considered a competitive team. Skilled and experienced players will be selected for this team. The goal for this group is similar as the Supreme: they will also receive elite level training consistently, but will not travel as extensively as the Supreme team. but two of our tournaments will be in surrounding States.

Handles x Buckets Gold (Local)

The Gold team will be considered a lower level competitive team. Players will receive the same elite level  training as the Supreme and Blue teams, but will only play in local tournaments in the Nashville area. 

7th Supreme_edited.png
5th grade tourney champs.PNG

Handles x Buckets Travel Ball FAQ

What is travel ball?

It is an opportunity to further your child's basketball development thru competitive play during the spring and summer.  From our tryouts in December, we form grade level teams that practice twice a week and play in 7 weekend tournaments spanning  from March to June/July

When does travel ball start?
Practices will start mid February. The tournaments will begin in March.

Does my player have to be elite or experienced to play travel ball?
Not necessarily, but it helps to some degree. It is typical for our younger teams (3rd and 4th grade) to be less experienced. But as our teams get older, experience and skill become more prevalent of a requirement to make the travel team.

Depending on numbers and skill level we will form different levels of teams that compete at different levels of tournaments as outlined above.

Is there actual travel involved?
3rd - 5th grade teams mostly play local. There is one tournament in Gatlinburg in June.

6th - 8th grade teams play mostly local and the amount they travel is based on the skill level of the team. These grades also go to Gatlinburg in June, but they may travel to a city close by such as Memphis, Huntsville, or Atlanta.  Our elite 7th and 8th grade teams travel more extensively to places such as Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Las Vegas.

My player also plays travel baseball (soccer, volleyball, softball) in the Spring and Summer, can they still play travel basketball?

Yes, We understand that young players play multiple sports and we encourage that. We are flexible to the point where we understand if a player has to miss an occasional practice or possibly a tournament for another sport as long as we know in advance. We just ask that we are notified several weeks before the tournament that will be missed so our staff and coaches can plan accordingly. 

What is the weekly time commitment for Handles x Buckets travel ball?

Each team will practice twice a week for an 1.5 hours each practice. A weekend tournament consists of a minimum of 3 games on a Saturday and Sunday. There may also be games played on Friday night. After the 3 games are played, and the team keeps winning,  they will keep playing until they lose; potentially making it to the championship game on Sunday afternoon.  There are 7 weekend tournaments spread out over 14 weekends spanning from March to mid July.  

What is the benefits of  Handles x Buckets Travel Basketball?
Players receive focused, elite level training 2x/week for 4 months. The
yconsistently compete against good competition in weekend tournaments to further their development as a player. also get a ch

As players get older,  travel ball not only helps with player development, it helps with exposure and recruitment to those who want to play high level high school or beyond    Scouts, and coaches attend most of the tournament events we play in starting in middle school.

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